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Sidekicks work with the clients' at all the three layers of decision making

Management Consulting Services
Our team has the expertise to understand and identify priorities in today's complex business environment to support your leadership's planning strategies to succeed.
  • Strategic Road-mapping
  • Portfolio Evaluation & Restructuring
  • Fund Raising (Equity / Debt Financing)
  • Business Development & Expansion Planning
Operations Advisory Services
Our experts have the skills to identify the inter-dependencies of processes, people & technology on your business outcomes. We work with your operational teams to improve the delivery of your business capabilities.
  • Business Transformation & Improvement
  • Capability Design & Implementation
  • Asset Utilization Optimization
  • Customer Experience Improvement
  • Forecasting & Predictive Modeling
Analytics Advisory Services
Our analytics specialists have the capabilities to mine the operational data to continuously inform decisions and planning activities. We deftly deploy power of data to boost your business performance.
  • Performance Evaluation & Monitoring
  • KPI / MIS Dashboard Design
  • Bench-marking and Diagnostics

Sidekicks in our team applies a unique blend of management consulting methodologies, operations improvement concepts and advanced analytical tool kit to understand & analyze business issues, design & implement solutions and track the impact of changes. Each Sidekick EDGE engagement is designed keeping in mind the client requirements. We work behind the scenes to enable leaders and managers achieve their goals.

Sidekick EDGE's Engagement Model

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