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SidekickEDGE is a management consulting firm working with growth stage companies in healthcare, energy and education sector. We enable smarter decisions and efficient operations for our clients. Our team brings global experience but local smartness in each of the engagements to deliver the highest value to our partners. Working with Sidekicks means confident decisions and smart operations for our clients.

We work with our clients' at all the three layers of decision making

  • Strategy & Fund Raising

We bring our expertise to understand and identify priorities in today's complex business environment for the founders & leadership teams to grow faster than the competition.

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  • Planning & Execution

Our skills help our clients in identifying the inter-dependencies of processes, employees, customers & technology to develop the smarter capabilities leading to achievement of business outcomes in short-term as well as long-term.

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  • Organizational Data

Our clients rely on our capabilities to mine the operational data to continuously improve business performance and decision making.

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Meet our Sidekicks

Sidekicks in our team apply a unique blend of management consulting methodologies & frameworks for planning & operations management along with advanced analytical tool kit to understand & analyze business issues, design & implement solutions and track the impact of changes. Each SidekickEDGE engagement is designed keeping in mind the client requirements.

At SidekickEDGE, we believe in enabling decisions leading to actions & results. As a result, we share precise and concise information bundles to enable and faster decision making by helping the teams understand the facts behind the decisions.

  • Sidekick - Manav Chaudhary

B.Eng, PEC-Chandigarh. MBA, UBC - Canada

Manav, known as 'Bird', has over 16 years of management consulting experience in healthcare and technology. Manav has extensive experience in healthcare systems planning, operational transformations and capabilities design using analytics. Currently, Manav is working with healthcare clients in India to plan for expansion, improving customer experience and designing operational capabilities to succeed.

Manav has successfully led transformations for network of hospitals and clinics, optimized customer experiences across the healthcare chain involving multiple providers and launched new initiatives for clients (idea - design - plan - implement - monitor) in Canada & Indian in recent past.

Prior to his move from Canada in 2014, Manav spent his weekends doing extreme hiking, bungee jumping and sky-diving. Currently, Manav is involved in supporting local NGOs when not traveling or working on client engagements.

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SidekickEDGE Experience

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Our Name - SidekickEDGE
Historically, successful leaders have been supported by Sidekickers behind the scenes, to provide the skills and expertise needed to take most important decisions. We see ourselves in the same way – toiling our way in the background to provide the information and structured thinking to enable decisions by our partners'.

We are proud of the work we do and the way we do it.

We are very confident that Sidekicks will continue to carry on our excellent track record of successful engagements with your team in taking the smarter approach.

We are neither selling any IT (or other) solution nor represent any other firm related to products etc. Our objective is to share unbiased opinion based on facts and information available in every engagement we undertake.

Why Management Consulting & Operational Advisory is interlinked?

For an effective, efficient and sustainable solution to any business issue, strategy and operations must support each other.Strategy defines the structure and boundaries for operations. Operations translate that structure and planning into capabilities (services and products).

Operations enables the success defined by strategy.

All our engagements have clearly defined linkages to your organization's outcomes and goals. At SidekickEDGE, we believe that well informed decisions at the top are fundamental to the success of every project or initiative. Many of our clients have already benefited from this approach.

Most of the initiatives FAIL not in the implementation BUT fail in achieving the desired outcomes.